Gravity Gears – Cherry

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Desktop ornament.

Size: 200x160x130mm approx. 8x6x5 inches

Material: cherry hardwood, stainless steel

Marbles: 10mm approx. 3/8 inch

With Acrylic (plexiglass) Cover.

Elegant Acrylic Cover

In addition to its impressive appearance, the fully transparent plastic cover also provides dust protection. It is recommended to store the machine with the cover on for easier cleaning.

TimelesS Tracks And Marbles

The tracks maintain their shine over time and are made of stainless steel, ensuring they are resistant to wear and corrosion. The tracks feature durable TIG-welded connections.

Adjustable In Various Ways

The knob allows for continuous speed adjustment. At the lowest setting, only a few marbles move at once, while at maximum speed, all the marbles can be in motion simultaneously.

Equipped with four adjustable legs, it can operate on uneven and not completly level surfaces as well.

Operates on standard AAA batteries, allowing for placement anywhere without relying on an external power source.


Exclusively using selected hardwoods, we achieve the beauty and protection of the wood through multiple rounds of hand sanding and oiling. Each creation boasts unique shades and patterns derived from the natural characteristics of the wood.

Calming Sound


Our creations are made by hand with careful attention to details.

See it in motion:

*It is not advisable for children due to its ornamental nature.

**The color may slightly differ in reality.

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