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About me

Welcome to the website, where I present my work. I'm based in Europe, Hungary. I have been making marble machines since 2019, I make them from copper and join the parts by soldering. In the last three years, I have sent more than 100 marble machines to various parts of the world, of which I mostly made Duality, Serpentine and Gravity. I also made many unique and "bigger" ones.
From 2022, I also started working with stainless steel and TIG welding. Steel allows more room, welded creations can be strong and large, with almost any shape. At the moment, I am mostly interested in this area, but I haven't given up on smaller machines made with soldering either.
I am also happy to do commissioned work. If something interests you, or if you have a question or idea, click on the contact page and let's get in touch.

Thank you for reading this, it means a lot to me.
Enjoy browsing the site.
Steven Kozari-Frank

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